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Spectrum® Workflow is integrated across the full line of Spectrum® construction software so employees always know when a task or work is assigned to them (whether it is for managing a project or completing an accounting function like billing). If you haven’t established a workflow within your business, you probably have a lot of employees that are unaware that they need to complete a task in order to keep a project moving. You may not even be able to see that a project is currently stalled.

What does your Workflow look like today?
What could it look like tomorrow?


You don’t have a workflow and employees don’t know who is responsible for what within the organization.


  • You create the parameters for workflow and approvals, which then automatically informs your staff of incoming or overdue tasks.
  • Employees don’t need to know who to send their approval to, the system will do that for them.
  • Managers or other authorized employees can be given authority to override workflows or tasks if, for example, an approver is on vacation or travelling for business and unable to approve an urgent task.


Your workflow management system isn’t user friendly and doesn’t capture the information you need.


  • Tasks are not always black and white. If an explanation is needed for why a decision was made or if a user needs more information before giving an approval, users can add notes to a task.
  • Spectrum® Workflow lets you set-up groups and sub-groups to allow everyone to view tasks.
  • The Workflow Information Bar integrates into the Spectrum® Info Bar, so you can access information in one place, making the Workflow feature easy to use and easy to access.


You don’t have a management system for tasks. If you want to know if a task is complete you need to ask each employee for confirmation.


  • You define the process for ensuring that tasks are completed in a way that makes sense for your organization. You can decide to route a task to an individual or to a job role/function.
  • Approvals can be assigned to one person or multiple people if there are many levels of approval. You can see whether each person has approved the task or not and follow-up with any user for outstanding approvals.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

What if you had a workflow developed for your organization to help it run smoothly? Imagine if that workflow were automated and helped you track the status of a task and who the status is assigned to? Spectrum® Workflow is the ultimate tool for managing tasks and approval processes, for efficient project management.

Key benefits of the Workflow construction software include:

  • Tasks are assigned to employees, ensuring that tasks are not missed.
  • Employees understand who in the organization is responsible for what, streamlining their day-to-day duties.
  • All data is tracked to keep a trail of information that is dated and time stamped for future inquiry.
  • New employees are easily on boarded with step-by-step instruction of how to complete a task within the Workflow application.
  • Set-up Workflow parameters to work for your business vs. trying to fit your business into a workflow.
  • Workflow is easily adapted to deal with exceptions.
  • Users can access all data through Spectrum®’s Info Bar instead of through multiple screens or menus.
Screenshot - Workflow Assignments on mobile

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