Mobile Solutions

by | Jan 15, 2020

Mobile Solutions

Going mobile brings increased productivity to your organization

A large percentage of today’s employees not only have mobile devices, but spend a large amount of time using their mobile devices. Using desktop computers is a thing of the past and if your software can’t adapt to this new age of mobility then it is time to look at a solution that can!

Spectrum Mobile Solutions

Being a cloud-based software offers several advantages. Not only can the system be accessed for any location, but it can be access from any device. Whether you are looking to update payroll entries or manage service tickets, there are several solutions that help your team get the job done.

Below are some of the mobile solutions that integrate with your Spectrum ERP Software.

BambooHR Mobile Solutions

HR work doesn’t always happen in an office at a desk. It can be on the bus, during a baseball game, in the park, or after your Wednesday yoga class. You need an HR software that is ready when you are and BambooHR is there for you. Whether you need to look up a coworker’s phone number or approve a time-off request, the free mobile HR app gives everyone in your organization easy access to essential BambooHR functions at all times. You can also hire a new employee and manage all job postings while watching the Super Bowl from home!

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