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Construction software that improves your profitability and time management.

Know Your Business with Spectrum®’s In-depth Reporting

Spectrum® Construction Software provides your business with detailed and customized reporting that provides meaningful insight into your business operations. Utilize Spectrum®’s selection of built-in reports or tailor reports to best capture the data you need. These reports are powerful tools that can improve your profitability and time management, as well as increase repeat business through superior customer satisfaction.

Reports can be viewed as an overview to see the big picture or drilled down to specific details for analysis.

Spectrum® Construction Software is a complete construction management system that helps you manage your business and view the status of any project detail in real-time. The Query Developer and Info-Link programs work together to connect data input into Spectrum® to the most popular construction reporting applications for even better insight into your data.

Info-Link: Work with Existing Reporting Applications

Access all of your business data and create reports using any ODBC-compliant software such as Microsoft ® Excel, Word, or Crystal Reports™.

Access saved reports at any time, and with a simple one click refresh feature, populate the report with current data.

Create tailored charts, graphs, reports, mass mailings and more with minimal training or report-writing experience

Spectrum®’sDocument Imaging feature lets you upload files from the field and save reports directly into all relevant Spectrum® applications. Files can be archived or attached to specific projects or phases.

Query Developer: Easily Build Custom Reports
Query Developer is a valuable browser-based tool. The report writing process is simplified to make building custom reports from data within the Spectrum® construction software easy.

Customize queries to generate virtually any report based on your data—including project, accounting, or HR information.

View reports by a specified time or by a job then set filters and parameters to choose the order in which data appears on reports.

When working with numerical data, subtotals and grand totals are automatically calculated.

View query reports instantly in the browser or export the data to Microsoft ® Excel for further analysis.

Schedule reports to be delivered automatically in familiar, easy-to-use formats. Subscription options let users automate recurring reports and email them as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet attachment.

Spectrum®’s browser-based interface makes it easy to pull and generate reports from anywhere when connected to the internet.

Avoid duplicate data entry or additional complex programming. Queries within Spectrum® Reporting are based on data already contained in Spectrum®’s SQL Server Database, so additional programming is not needed to pull detailed reports.

Spectrum®’s reporting capabilities are more powerful than what you find in traditional business software. The ability to drill down into each data point and analyze it any way desired helps organizations make better business decisions that improve their bottom lines.

Enjoy the benefits of Reporting

  • Data is captured and stored in Spectrum®’s browser-based software that makes it easy to access the browser to search, find, and view information.
  • Reports can be exported to Microsoft® Excel, Word, or Crystal Reports™.
  • Reports are archived, so you can access them whenever you need them.
  • Data refreshes with just one click when you update past reports.
  • Reports can be set to deliver automatically by email to approved users.
  • Users must subscribe to receive reports.
  • Reports can be customized to view data across all of Spectrum®’s integrated programs.
Screenshot - Report
Screenshot - Report

Explore Viewpoint Analytics

  • Make sense of your data
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Analyze data and easily create reports across projects
  • Identify trends and opportunities for improvement
  • No knowledge of Crystal or SQL for reporting
  • Provides better strategic business decision making

Take the Viewpoint Analytics Self-Guided Tour for an inside look at the powerful functionality and simple, easy-to-use interface.

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