Job Compliance

Manage job compliance documents with ease.

Vendors can upload and assign a document to a compliance task with the Document Imaging feature, which helps to remove a barrier to providing the documentation. You can create automated workflows and alerts to remind you of compliance dates and make sure that vendors and subcontractors are withheld pay until the compliance documentation is received. Keeping track of all of the compliance documentation and whether it is up-to-date is a huge task to tackle if you are doing it manually. Even if you do have software, if it only captures data, Spectrum® Job Compliance application provides you with the solutions you need to better maintain compliance.

What does your Job Compliance look like today?
What could it look like tomorrow?


You don’t have a system to automate workflow and alert you of compliance dates.


  • With the Job Compliance application, recurring compliance items will create an automatically generated compliance task.
  • If a compliance item recurs, but not at consistent intervals, an open item will generate automatically.


You know if you are in compliance, sort of sure that your vendors and subcontractors are in compliance, and have no idea if a sub-tier vendor is in compliance.


You know that you won’t be subject to potential project delays or penalties because you can create alerts to request documentation to ensure that all parties involved in your project are completely compliant.


You wait for documentation from vendors and subcontractors while they get to a fax machine.


The Document Imaging application allows users to upload images from a mobile device directly into the application and associate the document with the right compliance-related task.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your compliance software were automated to create a standardized workflow, eliminate stacks and stacks of paperwork, and help keep you aware of your vendor’s compliance?

Spectrum® Construction Software with the Job Compliance application helps keep you up-to-date and keep track of your company’s compliance.

Key benefits of the Job Compliance construction software include:

  • Keep track of your compliance tasks and documents in one place electronically.
  • Get rid of the mounds of paperwork and spreadsheets you used to keep when you had to manually track compliance.
  • Allow access to each employee assigned to a project to track compliance by individual as well as to provide key compliance documentation.
  • Simplify compliance management by taking advantage of the built-in processes, workflow, and notifications.
  • Keep a detailed and accurate history of compliance documentation with full archiving capabilities.
  • Subcontractors who are not in compliance are prevented from having their invoices processed until they are compliant.
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