Project Setup

Work on multiple estimates with flexibility and ease.

Let your estimators work with the estimating software they always use, because Spectrum® Project Setup will allow you to import data from almost all estimating software, including Microsoft® Excel. If setting-up new jobs is a manual process, with you re-entering data already collected by your estimators, you are duplicating efforts and wasting time and money.

What does your Project Setup look like today?
What could it look like tomorrow?


You struggle to work with multiple estimators who use different estimating software.


  • Estimator data is easy to import into the Project Setup application, regardless of the original source.
  • An extensive amount of data fields can be automatically imported from phase codes, to dollar amounts, to worker’s compensation codes, to units of measure, and more.


It takes a lot of time and effort to set-up a new job.


  • Because Spectrum® Construction Software is fully integrated, when you input or import data into Project Setup, the data automatically creates contracts and estimates, saving you time and unnecessary work.
  • Data fields are flexible and can be edited as desired.


You have to manually enter change request information into a current job.


Your change request budget and billing items can be imported into Project Setup exactly the same as starting a new project.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could upgrade to a better project setup system without having to manually transfer data from your estimating software to your job costing software? That’s exactly what you get with Spectrum® Project Setup application which is compatible with excel and other estimating software.

Key benefits of the Project Setup Construction Software include:

  • Setting up a new project in Spectrum® is simple, even if you already began the project in excel or other estimating software program. Just import the information into Spectrum® Project Setup and the values are automatically populated.
  • Saves employees time and resources from re-entering data from one system to another.
  • Virtually eliminates user error by eliminating manually data transfer.
  • New jobs are set-up quickly so you can start the project immediately.
Screenshot - Project Setup

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