Construction management made easy.


Construction management made easy.

Software for the entire team

Viewpoint Team™ is a cloud-based solution that integrates seamlesssly with Spectrum. It enhances construction collaboration by connecting the back office and field operations with your extended team of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and owners. Viewpoint Team is regularly updated  to ensure the latest construction project management trends. You finally have the tools you need to manage projects quickly with more confidence and less risk.

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Spectrum® users enjoy the convenience of the cloud without sacrificing control. You can purchase the license to use the software, you manage access and security and you choose how to implement the software. Choose to host Spectrum® yourself, or take advantage of our enterprise-class, secure hosting services that run on hardware dedicated to your company.

With a history of innovation, Viewpoint now delivers a fully-integrated, web-based document management system with Spectrum®. Upload and view documents or images associated with your work wherever you are working. The information you need to complete a job is now at your fingertips and those of your field technicians.

Spectrum Business Intelligence

What can Spectrum BI do for you? Watch this short video to see how it could help your project management.


Running a construction business takes a lot of work. Spectrum® construction software is designed to be user friendly and to make running your business easier.

Simple Interface

With Spectrum®, there are no complex menus to master and memorize. Start from the interactive Dashboard that you customize to fit your needs and dive into detailed information and the work you need to get done.

Seamless Integration

All Spectrum® applications work together seamlessly. Instead of opening several different applications to get one job done, simply start working and Spectrum® gives you multiple ways to move forward with a single click or entry.

Local Support

Our local software consultants have over 50 years of combined experience, and have personally overseen construction software implementation for over 70 years.

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The job site and service locations are where profit is won or lost. Staying connected with these locations is vital. Spectrum® provides field staff and management the mobile software they need to stay connected, record field data and access the information they need to get work done.

The Spectrum® user interface was designed with mobility in mind. Cloud based access, responsive navigation and one-click structure features all make Spectrum® ideal for mobile and tablet use.

Spectrum® Kiosk apps extend the power of Spectrum® construction software into the field and give employees the ability to manage their work (process work orders, manage subcontractors etc.) and their labour hours.

If you choose to add mobile apps to your Spectrum® system, everyone who needs them can download the apps onto their Apple® or Android™ devices for free. Job sites and service locations in remote areas can also benefit from the power of Spectrum® because the apps let you work offline then sync with Spectrum® when connectivity is available.


To complete a construction job on-time and on-budget, teamwork and coordination are required among many key players. Spectrum® delivers the communication tools that help everyone work better together.

The Spectrum® Dashboard serves as a portal of information for everyone in your company. Your entire staff—not just licensed Spectrum® users—can launch and modify their own Dashboard. This costs you nothing and gives you the ability to put real-time, important information in front of everyone on your team.

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The Dashboard comes with many apps to choose from and we give you tools to modify or build your own. Because all applications from accounting to operations are fully integrated, you have a completely integrated view of your projects.

This makes it easy to drill down into both the financial and logistic details of a job to quickly address problems and identify areas for improvement.


Reporting capability is built into all Spectrum® applications through a variety of tools. Hundreds of industry-standard reports are available and tailor made reports are easily built or modified to suit your needs. As a Spectrum® user, you can access every data element in the system to build just about any view of the business you need.

Spectrum®’s Workflow feature lets you turn passive reporting into action. Spectrum® Workflow gives you the ability to determine the way information moves throughout your organization and define the actions that need to occur in order to keep work flowing smoothly. Individuals across your organization are alerted when the ball is in their court and management can see how tasks and projects are progressing.

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