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Viewpoint Team

A comprehensive tool to help you collaborate with your team.

Viewpoint Team offers powerful and easy-to-use browser-based and native mobile project management tools. The information seamlessly integrates with Spectrum, providing a unified data set and ensures that operations and accounting team members, as well as external collaborators, are working from the same information. By having one integrated system of record, contractors no longer have to rely on cumbersome integration connectors and third-party application vendors.

What does your Team Communication look like today?
What could it look like tomorrow?


As the general contractor, you chase after partners to submit and approve information.


  • Automatic notifications ensure team members are aware of actions that are due.
  • Viewpoint Team‘s data visualizations communicate urgency to direct team member focus which help keep projects on schedule.


You hear the question, “What version is this document?” multiple times throughout a project.


  • All documents are in Viewpoint Team which means no more emailing team members asking for a status update.
  • Users always know which document is the latest and greatest through automatic versioning. Older documents are archived, but can be easily found for future reference.
  • Subcontractor questions may be directed to the appropriate person and answered quickly within Team.


You have a project management tool, but it isn’t very easy to use.


  • Easily set-up Team for each of your projects. Create folders to organize your project documents however it suits you best, then simply drag and drop documents into the folders.
  • Users are easily added to the project and it is up to you what information you give them access to.
  • Once you have invited users, you start to build a comprehensive database of contact information that is stored within Team. This database can be a useful tool to invite users you work well with to new projects.
  • Integration reduces cost and risk by eliminating double handling and duplication.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the documentation you needed to plan a job were in one place? Better yet, what if you could access that information anywhere you can access the internet?

Key benefits of Viewpoint Team include:

  • Allow access to all project collaborating partners.
  • Keep all project contacts, including detailed information, in one location.
  • All project members can access both the latest and archived information pertaining to a project.
  • Document versioning control ensures that all members know which information is the most up-to-date.
  • Manage your bids through one portal that allows project team members to submit and edit information.
  • You can even view when a team member has commented, viewed or downloaded a document.
Screenshot - Submittal on mobile

Watch a Viewpoint Team Demo

Please complete the form and you will be redirected to a 16 minute introductory demo video. If you would like to learn more you may request a demo and we will schedule a more in-depth look at the software.

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