Between benefits, taxes and multiple pay rates by province, you need construction software that will manage and calculate each of these items with ease.

Spectrum®’s Payroll application gives contractors the ability to enter and process employee hours, manage deductions and benefits, and enter equipment labour costs. Then, sit back and let the Payroll application do the rest. Once the data is entered, direct costs are tracked in real-time with taxes including union benefits calculated and any additional overhead allocated.

What does your Payroll look like today? What could it look like tomorrow?


Your payroll system doesn’t allow for multi-province or multi-company payrolls


  • Create a default for local, provincial, and federal taxes to allocate the right taxes for a given job based on where the work was performed
  • The application can provide a single paycheque to an employee who has worked for more than one company in a pay period
  • Companies can even have multiple tax identification numbers supported within the Payroll application


Most functionality within your payroll system is manual


  • Provide automatic deposits to your employees
  • File T4s and ROEs electronically
  • When layoffs occur, paycheques are calculated and prepared for you
  • Void payroll cheques are reversed automatically in the Spectrum® General Ledger and Job Cost applications as well as removed from actual employee taxes
  • Should a cheque be lost, you won’t need to manually void the cheque in order to reissue a new cheque


You are limited in how you distribute, calculate and manage employee pay


  • Labour totals can be distributed to many general ledger accounts
  • Employee time is charged to each job, work order, or piece of equipment and then automatically populated into either the Job Cost, Work Order, or Preventive Maintenance application
  • Prevent entry overlap with one information entry point as well as batch timecard uploading for salary workers or workers with consistent hours
  • Calculate employee paycheques with user-defined deductions and add-on codes based on either a percentage or a fixed amount
  • Timecard entry lets you have multiple pay rates by employee or union with an unlimited number of job and phase distributions

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice if completing payroll were efficient? As part of Spectrum®’s construction software, the Payroll application works with other applications to help better understand the financial and operational health of your business. Key benefits of the Payroll construction software include:

  • Labour and equipment hours are allocated by phase and job code, allowing you to view accurate cost breakdowns
  • For hours that are not directly affiliated to a job, you can allocate those employee hours to a number of jobs as overhead
  • Automate union and wage codes to appear as defaults
  • Automate employee pay rate to calculate based on the job performed
  • Unposted payroll is still accounted for in applications like Job Costing for an accurate view of costs throughout the job

Construction Payroll

Reports Available

  • Cheque Register History
  • Payroll Register
  • Other Employer Tax
  • Subject-to-Tax
  • Employment Insurance
  • Worker’s Comp Rate Per $100
  • Worker’s Comp Rate Per Hour
  • Worker’s Comp Expense by Job Union
  • Employee Earnings History
  • Time Card History
  • Wage and Tax History
  • Liabilities Recon
  • ciliation
  • G/L Distribution
  • Deduction History
  • Add-on History
  • Job / Wage Code Summary
  • Employee Master
  • Employee Listing
  • Recurring Deduction/Add-on
  • Seniority
  • New Hire / Terminated
  • Birthday List
  • Supervisor / Employee

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