Accounts Receivable

Construction software that understands the challenges your business faces and provides simple solutions.

Construction software for accounts receivable needs to allow your business to easily deal with change. Spectrum® Accounts Receivable software lets you track change requests and change orders from the beginning to end of each project to remove any guesswork from final billing.

What does your Accounts Receivable look like today? What could it look like tomorrow?


You have to maintain a separate customer for each job in order to generate an AR Listing by Job


The same customer can have multiple jobs. Reporting can be sorted by job or customer.


Holdback accrued isn’t automatically calculated or tracked, you have to do it manually on complicated spreadsheets.


Holdback is automatically calculated per billing cycle and is tracked for both customers and contracts along with the GST/HST payable amount.


Change orders and change requests aren’t always tracked and sometimes you do work without getting paid


Change orders and change requests are managed through Spectrum® Accounts Receivable so you can view all change orders (proposed and approved) throughout the project. The best part is that change orders have the single-entry system that automatically update your contracts, estimates and billing, so you won’t miss any potential revenue.

Standard Reports

  • Aged Open Items – Includes Holdback Column
  • Customer Sales
  • Customer Activity Details
  • Customer Listing
  • Sales G/L Distribution
  • Cash Receipts G/L Distribution
  • Change Order Profit
  • Sales Register
  • Statements
  • Tax
  • Billing Quantity History
  • Contract Activity Details
  • Contract Detail
  • Contract Summary
  • Contract Listing
  • Change Request Log
  • Change Request Pricing / Profit
  • Change Order Form
  • Change Order Log
  • Customer Satisfaction Query

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