Accounts Payable

Turn the disordered today into an organized tomorrow.

Every business is unique, your construction software should be too. With Spectrum® Accounts Payable software, specifically designed for your construction accounting needs, your business will run with more ease and efficiency.

What does your Accounts Payable look like today? What could it look like tomorrow?


Job information looks like the equivalent of an overflowing shoe box of documentation that may or may not be complete


Complete documentation for every job including supporting documents are tracked, digitized, and stored


You issue payment to your vendor unaware that you haven’t received your vendor’s valid insurance certificate


Spectrum® will alert you when insurance certificates are expired and can even put the payments on hold.


Invoicing is a tedious and manual process


Invoices are streamlined through an approval workflow and tracked for payments which includes proper allocation of GST, PST or HST.


You have incompatible software that won’t allow you to import and export information between modules forcing time consuming duplicate data entry


You have integrated software that allows interaction between reports like Cash Management, Payroll, Purchase Order, Inventory Control, and more

Standard Reports

● Aged Payables – Includes Holdback Column
● Approval Performance
● G/L Distribution
● Tax
● Cash Requirements
● Cheque Register History

● Virtual Card Payment Report
● DBE Job Cost History
● Vendor Listing
● Vendor Lien Releases
● Document Tracking
● Vendor Activity Details
● Subcontract Activity Details
● Subcontract Detail Payments

● Subcontract Analysis
● Subcontract Status
● Subcontract Change Request Log
● Subcontract Change Order Log
● Subcontract Listing
● Subcontract Form
● Unapproved Invoices
● Vendor with Type Parameter

The complete Construction Management Software package.

Our Construction Management Software will not only meet, but exceed your needs.

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